Co-Founder’s Right Hand / Project / Hiring Manager

Company Description: BEQOMING is a platform that is devoted to empowering people to unlock the truth of who they are by facilitating a transformational process guided by ancient technologies.

We believe there is an urgent need on this planet for safe spaces that can support those ready to do deep, personal work in pursuit of authentic prosperity and purpose.

We Are Looking For: A right hand to the co-founder’s to join our growing team! This is a full-time opportunity. The Candidate must reside in the pacific standard time zone or central time zone. 

This role will work in direct support of the Co-Founders, as well as be an active contributor to the entire BEQOMING family. This position has a heavy focus on administrative support to co-founders, and also boasts a ton of opportunity to dive deeper into your creative, logistical, and operational side; this is an immense learning opportunity for a curious + motivated individual. 

Key Responsibilities Overview: 


  • Will act as right hand to co-founders (primarily Bee): Join on important calls, keep projects on track, hold people accountable for deliverables, and generally anything that makes their life more efficient.  
    • Organization & Monitoring of Annual / Quarterly Goals 
    • Meetings: Scheduling / Agenda / Note taking 
    • Heavy Recruiting / Job Searches / Hiring Responsibilities / Interviewing
    • Support with on-boarding new hires 
    • Support Managing all the epic humans in our ecosystem
  • Heavy travel coordination (for co-founders, immediate Bequer family and BEQOMING team members)
  • Standard administrative duties - calendar coordination, supporting onboarding of new hires / consultants / vendors, sending contracts, paying bills etc.
  • Project Management: There is a constant flow of projects to steward / support with
  • Occasional event production support 
  • Oversee the team maintains the following organized:  
    • Project Management System (ClickUp)
    • Manage Google Drive 
    • CRM Contacts (Hubspot)


You’re mostly a good fit if:


  • You love connecting with people
  • You are passionate about being organized 
  • You are a self-starter and are great at anticipating what needs to get done
  • You naturally inclined to take a care of someone else’s needs and it brings you joy to nurture and pour love into every aspect of care-taking
  • You are outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and exude positive energy
  • You have solid communications skills (both written and verbal)
  • You have strong time management skills 
  • You have strong computer aptitude (Google Suite knowledge a must). You can easily jump between project management, CRM, & communication softwares
  • You are comfortable wearing different hats and prioritizing tasks of differing urgency
  • You are a charismatic hustler looking to expand your horizons
  • You are naturally fun loving



Bonus points for familiarity with any of the following platforms:


  • ClickUp (Project Management) 
  • Canva (Presentations / Design)
  • Slack (Communication)
  • HubSpot (CRM)
  • Thinkific (LMS)


This isn’t for you if

  • You need hand holding
  • You get anxiety communicating with new people daily
  • You don’t like the pressure of working in a high paced environment or needing to respond quickly
  • You don’t have an upbeat positive demeanor 
  • Are not comfortable with last minute scheduling changes

Team Values:

  • SERVICE: We honor our mutual commitment and aligned intention to be of service to others with what we've learned and our respect for the invisible and transformational realms. We invite you to do the same.
  • DEVOTION: We bring our whole-hearted inspiration, knowledge, energy, and connections for the benefit of this work and invite you to do the same. As Kahlil Gibran says: “Work is love, made visible.”
  • ASPIRATIONAL IMPECCABILITY: In order for the field of trust to be strong so everyone in the organization can thrive and prosper, we aspire to be impeccable with our words and actions. This doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes, it means we take ownership of them and keep our standard of impeccability and dependability high, and we invite you to do the same.
  • RECEPTIVITY: There’s an openness and humility in acknowledging we don’t have everything figured out, which is why we commit to being receptive to new and contrary perspectives and to deeply listen so we can respond before we react, and we invite you to do the same.
  • AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION: We commit to always being transparent and sharing how we feel and what we see, even if it’s uncomfortable in the moment. We honor diverse perspectives as a valuable dimension of this partnership, and we invite you to do the same.
  • THE GOOD PLACE: We believe that every person on the team has a “good place” in the organization. It can take time for that to be defined, and the “good place” can also evolve. We are always tracking everyone’s “good place” and invite you to share if you feel that you are not there.

Perks & Benefits:

  • You get to work for a company whose main focus is driving impact in the world
  • You will be constantly learning and growing
  • You will get to meet and connect with amazing humans

Ultimately we are looking for someone who feels like part of the family, is passionate about self-discovery and nurturing community, and is excited for the opportunity to support in swiss-army-knife fashion.

We look forward to co-creating with you!