Allies Facilitator 

(AKA Program Coach / Facilitator)

Company Description: 

BEQOMING is a platform that is devoted to empowering people to unlock the truth of who they are by facilitating a transformational process guided by ancient technologies.

We believe there is an urgent need on this planet for safe spaces that can support those ready to do deep, personal work in pursuit of authentic prosperity and purpose.

We Are Looking For:  We are seeking a part-time (approx 30-35 hours per month) Facilitator/Coach to hold space and support participants during our Allies BEQOMING transformational container. This role would also act as a support to the Lead Coach/Facilitator for the Allies Program.

This role will handle all Process Calls of the Allies container as well as support on other parts of the program (such as enrolling participants, Hive and Bee-to-Bee calls etc. – see Responsibilities section) so caring for humans, their growth and knowing how to hold space on both an individual and collective level is essential. Our desired candidate will have experience working with lots of people at the same time,  1:1 as much as in groups and will be able to switch between these two modalities with ease.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Receive training and hold high degree of familiarity with our Allies curriculum, BEQOMING methodology, concepts and language 
  • Attend and co-lead enrollment calls 
  • Attend all group “Hive” (all-cohort participant) calls and absorb course content, on select Saturdays
  • Lead “Process” calls (6 people over 90 minutes) to guide, coach and support participants on an individual level (our Community Steward will coordinate scheduling)
  • Cycle through Zoom breakout rooms on “Bee-to-Bee” (peer) sessions to support participants through their prompts/instructions
  • Support “virtual ceremonies” (open-hearted calls) as a co-facilitator 
  • Provide occasional email support / “emergency calls” for participants as needed (our Community Steward will handle all basic questions)
  • Engage with participants on our private Community Portal 
  • Communicate learnings and feedback to the BEQOMING Lead Coach/Facilitator for the Allies Process

Qualifications and Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of five-years of experience being a coach or facilitator
  • Deep experience in facilitation and/or coaching online are a must
  • Trauma-informed and somatic training in your facilitation toolbelt are a bonus 
  • Tech-savviness (all program material and content is online)
  • Must share solid references


You’re a good fit if

  • You naturally inclined to take a care of someone else’s needs and it brings you joy to nurture and pour love into every aspect of care-taking
  • You are driven by supporting people in their growth journeys
  • You easily create and hold fruitful containers 
  • You are a natural at creating intimacy and connection within a group
  • You can read the room with one glance and easily adapt your content to what emerges versus going off of the plan, while keeping track of time
  • You know how to balance time to for both processing and Q&A
  • You aren’t shy about prompting people and know to activate a group
  • You provide participants with content that is easy to understand
  • You are a good facilitator, both in how you hold space and energetically
  • You have solid communications skills (English, both written and verbal)
  • You have solid computer skills (Google Suite and Zoom knowledge are a must) 
  • You have a positive and loving attitude towards others
  • You are available to work on USA time-zones

This isn’t for you if

  • You need hand holding
  • You have never held space for people as a facilitator or coach
  • You are not comfortable holding space online
  • You are not comfortable with communicating with new people daily
  • You don’t like the pressure of needing to react quickly and problem-solve
  • You don’t have an upbeat positive demeanor
  • You struggle with virtual learning environments

Perks & Benefits

  • You will work for a company whose main focus is driving impact through supporting personal transformation processes in support of collective transformation in the world
  • You will get access to cutting edge learning practices, techniques and tools for personal development
  • You will get to meet and connect with amazing humans, both on the participant-side and our internal team!
  • There is room for growth into becoming the lead coach/facilitator for future programs
  • You can work from anywhere (but need to be available on USA time-zone)


Our Team Values:

  • SERVICE: We honor our mutual commitment and aligned intention to be of service to others with what we've learned and our respect for the invisible and transformational realms. We invite you to do the same.
  • DEVOTION: We bring our whole-hearted inspiration, knowledge, energy and connections for the benefit of this work and invite you to do the same. As Kahlil Gibran says: “Work is love, made visible.”
  • ASPIRATIONAL IMPECCABILITY: In order for the field of trust to be strong so everyone in the organization can thrive and prosper, we aspire to be impeccable with our words and actions. This doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes, it means we take ownership of them and keep our standard of impeccability and dependability high, and we invite you to do the same.
  • RECEPTIVITY: There’s an openness and humility in acknowledging we don’t have everything figured out, which is why we commit to being receptive to new and contrary perspectives and to deeply listen so we can respond before we react, and we invite you to do the same.
  • AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION: We commit to always being transparent and sharing how we feel and what we see, even if it’s uncomfortable in the moment. We honor diverse perspectives as a valuable dimension of this partnership, and we invite you to do the same.
  • THE GOOD PLACE: We believe that every person on the team has a “good place” in the organization. It can take time for that to be defined, and the “good place” can also evolve. We are always tracking everyone’s “good place” and invite you to share if you feel that you are not there.


This is a part-time contract position starting mid March 2023.


Ultimately we are looking for someone who feels like part of the family, is passionate about self-discovery and nurturing community, and is excited for the opportunity to support our participants through a profound transformational growth experience.


We look forward to co-creating with you!